The Camden County Fire Police, Association, Inc. is a non-profit, all volunteer Peace Officer Organization providing limited Law Enforcement services with an emphasis on traffic control and safety. The officers of the CCFPA are endowed with police powers commensurate with the primary mission of traffic and crowd control and limited arrest authority for the duration of the drill, incident or event. State statute provides for investigative purview relating to fires, but this authority, while still existent on the state level, has been reallocated to the Office of the Fire Marshal and the Prosecutors' Arson Unit on the county level. Additionally, the CCFPA, has the authority to provide scene security for apparatus, equipment and evidence until the arrival of appropriate investigative agencies.

Many of the tasks of the CCFPA are cumulative. Traffic control, as the primary function, happens simultaneously with crowd control, scene security, and many other functions. To whit, traffic control is always a function of any incident involving the CCFPA, while other tasks may or may not be performed based on the type of incident.

The CCFPA handles two (2) distinctly different categories of incidents: Emergency Assignments, which are dispatched as they occur (building fires, motor vehicle accidents, etc.), and Special Assignments, which are pre-scheduled events (parades, funerals, carnivals, etc.). Both types involve some type of traffic control, but may include additional tasks as needed. 

The officers of the CCFPA respond twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year to provide these services to the police and fire departments throughout Camden County, and to a lesser degree, throughout the State of New Jersey as mutual-aid. The CCFPA provides services, without charge, to release municipal, county, and state police and fire assets; allowing them to better utilize these assets to protect their respective localities without requiring additional expenditures for overtime, fuel, etc.

Contact Info:

Dave Luca, 856.433.0833